recipe mania

On the menu for tonight: Butternut Squash and caramelized onion galette from Smitten Kitchen.
the smitten kitchen cookbook: butternut squash and caramelized onion galette

I am happy to report that I have been avidly working on my New Year's resolution to try 2 new recipes a week. I've discovered some real winners, like these butternut squash and black bean enchiladas (I've made them twice), this chicken and artichoke lasagna (I turned it into a casserole by using orecchiette pasta instead of lasagna noodles), and this grilled yogurt chicken with cucumber salad (I'll definitely be making this again). I've been pinning recipes like crazy and am finding inspiration looking through all of my cookbooks.

On the menu for dinner tonight: Smitten Kitchen's butternut squash and caramelized onion galette and a green salad with lemon and parsley roasted cauliflower (the salad is my own creation).

What recipes are you loving right now? Inspire me!


Shayna said...

I'm loving your recipe smack-down! Pinning everything you post as fast as I can.

Here's the "cleanse" I've been cooking from (totally not following it...just picking random recipes):


The confetti lentils are SO good; Else loves them...especially with a little feta or goat cheese.

Aralena said...

Oh man, dinners at your house sound incredible! We don't have an oven right now, so I've been making a lot of legume soups - variations on lentil, split pea, chick pea, white bean, etc. Easy, hearty, always in the pantry.

lifeintheabbey said...

How'd this come out? Did you make your crust? I just got this book and am excited to dig in.

As for new recipes, I'm really hot on dried beans in the crock pot. If a recipe calls for canned, I just stick dried beans in the crock pot, 1 smushed garlic clove, pinch of oregano and cover with water. Put it on low all day and ta-da beans!

Hannah said...

Shayna: I'm definitely checking out that lentils recipe...

Aralena: Ahh, the challenges of not having an oven!! But yay for soups. I love a hearty soup, especially when it is cold out.

Melissa: The butternut squash galette was SO GOOD. It was huge, and fed us for lunch the next day and the next. I'll be making it again...