First ballet class.
Stella at her first ballet class
This morning Stella decided that she wanted to nurse her Tiger. She held Tiger up to her chest and said "Tiger is having boobie."
I couldn't help but ask, "Does Tiger like boobie?"
She nodded.
I continued, "how does Tiger feel when he has boobie? Does it make him happy?"
She nodded again.
"And do you like boobie, Stella? How does it make you feel?"
After a little pause she looked at me and said "perfect."

And, as I am midway to weaning her completely, my heart melted.

(Also, where did she learn that word and how did she come to understand the feeling associated with it? I just don't know...)


lifeintheabbey said...

She has such a sweet heart. Love it.

Suellen Cox said...

it is most perfect....