life at 35

After a 20 day hiatus, I'm back! 

During my absence I turned 35. We celebrated with the ice cream cake of my dreams and my cousin Richard's delicious pecan chocolate pie, a potluck feast, 25 friends and family and kid mayhem. Everyone who came went home a little bag with the potluck recipes. My friend Devon designed the cards, collected all the recipes ahead of time, and printed and stuffed the burlap bags. Such a treat.
Birthday potluck recipe bag
As I enter year 35, I feel so very lucky. I am surrounded by great friends whom I love and respect and admire. My parents are so close that we see them every week for dinner and farmer's market meetups and coffee dates. I have two sweet, funny girls who make life wonderfully meaningful. I am married to my love. And in spite of my blossoming crow's feet, I still feel the bloom of youth in my heart.


the best american infographics 2013

I love the collision of visuals and information so it's no wonder that one of my favorite books at the moment is this:

The Best American Infographics 2013
Some interesting selections from the book were featured over on Wired, including "Which Birth Dates Are the Most Common," "Four Kinds of Dog," "Map of a New America," and "The Last 45 Seconds." 

One infographic that I keep going back to is Randall Munroe's "Deepest of the Deep" which shows depths of oceans and lakes of the world side by side. As someone with a fear of deep water, I'm both fascinated by it and repelled.

Such a great book!