period of adjustment

We are in the middle of a big period of adjustment... Djuna's arrival. Stella starting preschool in September.

Over the past few weeks we've seen more Stella meltdowns than ever before. Overall, Stella is handling Djuna's presence beautifully. She gives her kisses and loves, and so far she hasn't asked us to send her back. But she loses her shit over the smallest things. Developmentally, Stella is right on track. She desperately desires routine and predictability. She wants to be heard and understood but allowed to change her mind at will. Her world is in upheaval and she is doing her best to find her footing, connect with us, and have her voice heard amidst the chaos.

Getting them to both nap at the same time is proving to be a challenge. Yesterday it took me two hours to get Stella to fall asleep in the afternoon. On Friday I finally gave up after an hour and a half of trying, which culminated in Stella chanting "Mommmmyyyyy" in her room over and over and over again and Djuna puking breast milk all over me and our bed. Ah, the glories of parenthood.

So while we adjust and work towards some kind of balance, I might be less present here on this old blog. But I'll be back...


walmart to library

Have you seen the photos of this abandoned Walmart turned library in McAllen Texas? It's now the largest single floor library in the U.S. Pretty impressive...

The design won the International Interior Design Association’s 2012 Library Interior Design Competition. MSR stripped out the old ceiling and walls of the building, gave the perimeter walls and bare warehouse ceiling a coat of white paint, and set to work adding glass-enclosed spaces, bright architectural details and row after row of books.