homemade granola bars

Most of my cooking these days is done with Stella attached to my chest in the Baby Bjorn. Yesterday we made Ina Garten's Homemade Granola Bars from Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics. We added sour cherries to the mix, and the bars are delicious. Jordan and I couldn't wait for them to set for the 2-3 hours the recipe called for, so we ate the still warm granola with a bit of Coconut Bliss (our favorite ice cream brand ever) vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Homemade Granola Bars


stripy tunic

So cute!

new york i love you, but i'm glad to be home...

We're back from New York!
stella's first visit to blue bottle in brooklyn

Here's Stella, all bundled up, after visiting her auntie Sarah at Blue Bottle in Williamsburg. Sarah's treats are to die for...I loved the Brooklyn Bootleg S'mores.

Me and my parents at Blue Bottle:

Family at Blue Bottle

A few highlights (notice how most of them center around good food...):

Introducing Stella to her auntie Sarah. Here we're stopping for a snack at The Standard:
Me & Stella!

Yummy ramen at Ippudo:

Delicious dinner at Prime Meats, where all the handsome waiters sport mustaches and look and dress like debonair lumberjacks.
@ Prime Meats
Stella loves going out for dinner. She loves the noise and the people. Restaurants usually put her happily to sleep.

Brunch at Freemans with the family and my long-time friend Anna:
Anna and Hannah at Freeman's

Visiting with my sister. Here we are at Diner in Williamsburg.
@ Diner

Showing Stella the city:
Hannah, Stella, Dad, in Brooklyn

shepard fairey in williamsburg

the family

williamsburg, brookyln


and we're off...

New York, Snow in Central Park - Snowrricane February 27, 2010

And we're off on our adventure! We're heading to Southern California where it's 80 degrees before flying to New York mid week where it's freezing...

A special thanks to the ladies who sent me flying tips.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. See you next week!

[snowy new york by alfredob]


new york, new york

We are heading to snowy New York next week to visit my sister and various friends who haven't met Stella yet.

I zapposed this pair of bright yellow Hunter wellies (and the cable sock insert) to help me brave the icy, cold streets.

Have I mentioned before that I'm a planner? Having a baby has thrown some of my obsessive planning out the window. It's hard to keep to a schedule when I'm not the one controlling the schedule anymore. The transition from planner to take-it-as-it-comer has been remarkably easier than I expected.

I have never flown with an infant before. Or packed to travel with an baby (who knew you had to take 2 outfits a day in case of accidents?!). This means that for the past few days I have made lists of items to get and bring, started organizing Stella's outfits for the week we will be traveling, stockpiled diapers, and agonized over what I will pack to stay warm (and that will allow me to be a little presentable and breastfeed on the go). Luckily, Stella was given 3 perfect winter weather suits, so baby girl is all set for New York.

When thinking about what to pack for myself, I was inspired by this Garance Dore photograph.

See, it is possible to be stylish in the snow. Thus the bright yellow wellies...


the ultimate utilitarian dress

Finding cute outfits that I can breastfeed in is a real challenge. I have to wear a tank top under most shirts so that I don't flash the world when I feed Stella. And dresses... I miss them. Most dresses are off limits because they would require me pulling the whole thing up to nurse. That's why I was so excited to find this dress at Anthropologie recently. It unzips to the waist! And it comes in army green! And it looks nifty with tights and boots! And it has pockets!

houseguest survival kit

I love this craft paper-packaged houseguest welcome/survival kit. What a fantastic idea!

Found over at Apartment Therapy.


stella's owls

Look at those cheeks!

Stella 2.1.11

Stella loves her Dwell Studio Owls Blanket. And so do I...isn't it so cute?

She also loves her Dwell Studio hooded bath towel. Here we are after her bath time:

Happy February!