hoxton street monster supplies

Check out the fantastic 826 Valencia/pirate supply store-inspired Ministry of Stories & Hoxton Street Monster Supplies that just opened up in east London.

The Ministry follows the model of the 826 centres: a writing centre where kids aged 8-18 can get one-to-one tuition with professional writers and other volunteers; with the centres being housed behind fantastical shop fronts designed to fire the kids’ imaginations (and generate income for the writing centres).

In our case, the shop is Hoxton Street Monster Supplies – Purveyor of Quality Goods for Monsters of Every Kind.

You can pick from a whole range of Tinned Fears (each of which comes with a specially commissioned short story from authors including Nick Hornby and Zadie Smith), a selection of Human Preserves, and a variety of other really rather fine goods.

The Ministry is designed to feel really special: the space was architected brilliantly by Andrew Lock, Catherine Grieg and David Ogunmuyiw; with fantastic wall illustrations by the very lovely Heather Sloane.

More info over at We Made This.


giving thanks

giving thanks for our new kitchen
We (me and my parents) are busy in the kitchen prepping for Thanksgiving. Right now I'm especially thankful that our kitchen is finally done after 2 months of dust, eating out, and general mayhem. See that beautiful new stove? How about them subway tiles!? That lovely Le Creuset stockpot that I've had my eye on? More photos of our new kitchen to come...

This year I'm also giving thanks for all of the other "newness" in our lives. Our new home, a wonderful first year being married, and the babe in my belly who could arrive any day now. We heard her strong heartbeat at a check-in this morning. She has "dropped" so low at this point that I'm 1 cm dilated already, and I can eat a meal without feeling beyond full after just a few bites. I'd be extra thankful if Stella could wait until after dinner tomorrow night to make her descent so that I can play hostess to 13 people, and eat the turkey we're about to brine and put in the new refrigerator (not to mention the green onion mashed potatoes, sourdough stuffing, farro salad with roasted grapes and pies pies pies).

What are you thankful for this year?


super mamika

This series of photographs by French photographer Sacha Goldberger brought a big smile to my face yesterday afternoon. Goldberger had his depressed grandmother become Super Mamika for "a series of outlandish superhero photos. The result was very theraputic for the 91-year-old woman."

Initially, she did not understand why all these people wrote to congratulate her. Then, little by little, she realized that her story conveyed a message of hope and joy. In all those pictures, she posed with the utmost enthusiasm. Now, after the set, Goldberger shares that his grandmother has never shown even a trace of depression.

[via Kottke]


lumberjack style

I seriously can't wait until my feet return to their normal size so I can get a pair of these and wear them with rolled up jeans, cute argyle socks, pinned up Heidi braids, and warm knits...Oh, and a cozy little baby in a onesie!

oh joy! wallpaper love

I'm loving this Oh Joy! wallpaper for Hygge & West. Especially the metallics!



One of my favorite photographs at the Exposed exhibit at SFMOMA last night was this shot of Kim Novak by Leonard McCombe:

I also enjoyed seeing Emily Jacir's Linz Diary series. Her installation reminded me of Sophie Calle's explorations in voyeurism and what it means for an artist to expose herself to examination (self inflicted) in a very public sphere (out in the world and then the manifestation in a gallery space).