happy birthday, it's my birthday!

I'm in the middle of a great birthday. This morning I awoke to much sweetness: belly pats and Happy Birthday wishes and birthday treats and a little Charlie Brown Christmas (which I listen to throughout the year. It makes me happy). And what treats!

From my love:

The Selby book

Yellow Owl Workshop Stamp Kit

Wood Salt & Pepper Shakers

[this is where the picture would go of the chocolate cupcake if I hadn't eaten it already.]

My parents treated me to a heavenly 1.5 hour prenatal massage. I also got some beautiful pillow cases from Vietnam, Five hundred years of book design, some lovely old sheet music, and many calls, emails, and messages from friends and family.

To celebrate this evening, we're heading to the SFMOMA for a Blue Bottle coffee on the roof and to see the current exhibits. Then we're off to dinner at
Zaré at Fly Trap. Can't wait!

I hope you are having as nice a day as me...

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Christina said...

Happy Happy Day! Glad it's been a sweet one.