giving thanks

giving thanks for our new kitchen
We (me and my parents) are busy in the kitchen prepping for Thanksgiving. Right now I'm especially thankful that our kitchen is finally done after 2 months of dust, eating out, and general mayhem. See that beautiful new stove? How about them subway tiles!? That lovely Le Creuset stockpot that I've had my eye on? More photos of our new kitchen to come...

This year I'm also giving thanks for all of the other "newness" in our lives. Our new home, a wonderful first year being married, and the babe in my belly who could arrive any day now. We heard her strong heartbeat at a check-in this morning. She has "dropped" so low at this point that I'm 1 cm dilated already, and I can eat a meal without feeling beyond full after just a few bites. I'd be extra thankful if Stella could wait until after dinner tomorrow night to make her descent so that I can play hostess to 13 people, and eat the turkey we're about to brine and put in the new refrigerator (not to mention the green onion mashed potatoes, sourdough stuffing, farro salad with roasted grapes and pies pies pies).

What are you thankful for this year?

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Andie East said...

I'm thankful for my great relationship with my brother, I'm thankful that you live so close to me, I'm thankful for Stella coming soon, and I'm thankful for the archivist and all the brilliant projects and dinner parties we get up to!