dressing for spring

OK, maybe it's just because I'm getting older but the Garnet Hill catalog (usually not my bag) came in the mail yesterday and I'm coveting a few of the dresses. Also, I'm so ready for spring.
Favorite Knit Tank Dress

Caren Dress

Blossom Knit Kimono Dress

Goddess Knit Dress
Calais Knit Dress


Shayna said...

Hysterical. I just had this conversation with my mom while we were shopping last week:

She was perusing the Eileen Fisher racks (which I normally turn my nose up at as being for "old ladies from Berkeley) and I said:

"Egads...I know I'm old because Eileen Fisher and the Garnet Hill catalog are looking great these days..."

Hannah said...

Haha, it's true Shayna. Maybe just maybe it's not us getting older... perhaps Garnet Hill has a new creative director at the helm (a la the JCrew and Sunset Mag reinventions). It could happen!

Aralena said...

Yes, I think the styling has much improved from what was going on in their nineties catalogues... or else we're all just entering early fogey time.

Look how cute they've got the Calais Knit Dress styled!

Nicki Brandt said...

I never comment when I look at your blog, but I literally just looked at their website after getting their catalog in the mail!

Anonymous said...

I read Better Homes and Gardens by choice at the salon last night. So...yes...

Hannah said...

You all make me laugh... with glee! xoxo