simple black one-piece

I'm considering a simple black one-piece for our upcoming Hawaiian vacation. I'm torn between all four pictured below but am currently leaning towards the Jersey Lomellina twist tank

Which one would you pick?

Jersey Lomellina twist tank

Tulle underwire tank
Ruched bandeau tank
Tulle draped bandeau tank


Aralena said...

one pieces are the best. my faves are #2 and #3.

A.L. Orozco said...

I love one pieces! I find them much more elegant and stylish than bikinis. That said, I think you should go strapless – either the Ruched or Tulle draped bandeau tank. xx

shayna said...

#1 or #2.

#1 is super sexy, classy. Big hat and big glasses sexy.
#2 is sweet sexy.

Personally, I'm not a fan of strapless. They scream "mom" suit to me but that's just me. Any of them will look fantastic on you.

Toast n' Candy said...

Oh my goodness, I was going to buy the first one as well for our upcoming trip to Hawaii! When are you going?

hannah said...

Thanks for all the input ladies!

I decided to go with #1 (I was already leaning in that direction) and #3 (the serious ruching on the other two started to scare me off) with the assumption that I'll return the one I like least. #2 is so adorable, but sometimes I'm swayed by how a suit looks on the model. It definitely wouldn't look like that on me, and I'm afraid all the frills might add bulk to my midsection.

Shayna, I think it's hilarious that strapless scream "Mom" suit to you. It totally doesn't to me. I'm hoping that becoming a mom doesn't all of the sudden blind me to the "Mom" suit...

Fancy Nancy, we're going at the end of the month to Maui. When are you all going?! And which island? Love to H&H...