on repeat: the rural alberta advantage :: two lovers

Every year my friend Andie compiles an amazing best-of playlist. I've had her mix on repeat for a week straight. "Two Lovers" by The Rural Alberta Advantage made the cut. To my ears, their sound blends Wilco and Neutral Milk Hotel. Love it.
I hope your heart's good and strong,
If you find yourself in my arms.


Andie East said...

The whole album is excellent! I also like Northern Star and Coldest Winter, and I got this recommendation from Patrick Collins!

Andie East said...

Oh, also I make the mix with the Mister as well. At least 2009 and 2011. I still have to give you 2010 (which is LATE)

HANNAH said...

Well it's an awesome song for sure. You and Paul make the best mixes. You are my personal music gurus. And I love you for it.