lila rice gem hoops

I alternate between my Lila Rice Crescent Hoops and Disc Hoops, both of which I bought at my favorite local consignment shop, Maribel, every day. 
Lila Rice: Crescent Hoops

Lila Rice: Disc Hoops

Lila Rice: Gem Hoops
I'd been coveting the Gem Hoops for months so when I went into Maribel a few weeks ago I had Anne, the owner, special order me a pair. 

And they are amazing. End of story.


A.L. Orozco said...

I want!

A.L. Orozco said...

The Crescent Hoops... and while we are at that the Pyramid Hoops too, why not!?

hannah said...

You should get them! You'll wear them ALL THE TIME. Promise. xoxo

Melissa said...

By the way, I'm getting those disk earrings. And also the Pollan broadside. And I'm wearing your red dress today.

One can see that as creepy, or as simply admiring your style. I'm going with admiration and not at all creepy.

Hannah said...

Oh, please, Melissa! I'm totally flattered. Let's be twinners!

melissalion said...

Twinners! After two hours back in Portland, Tyler said, "Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. Did you do or see anything else besides Hannah, Hannah, Hannah?" I said, "I saw Stella, Stella, Stella too."