on holiday

We leave tomorrow for our Uruguay + Argentina vacation. 

I can't wait until we're actually there, all in one piece in Montevideo. It's going to be a LONG trip made up of 3 plane rides with our active and opinionated one-year-old followed by a wedding just a few hours after we arrive. Yep.

Right now I'm dreaming of the days we're going to spend at the beach, walking the streets of Buenos Aires, and breathing in the mist of Iguazu Falls.

Happy Holidays, have a smashing New Years, and see you in 2012!

[image: Georges Dambier]


Toast n' Candy said...

Have a gorgeous vacation! I can't wait to catch up in the New Year and hear all about it. xoxo

Andie East said...

We'll miss you at the New Year's shindig! Make sure to eat some peas for luck! Can't wait to hear about your trip when you return. Kisses all over your opinionated one year old's face.

Carla said...

You must have had the best trip. Those two countries are, if I´m not wrong, the most relaxing places in the world for tourists. It is amazing the tranquility you will find in a square down town BA. You may think it can´t be that way because yo are literally in the center of the city but still, PLaza San Martin is full of people studing for their courses, sleeping a nap, chattng with friends, eating their lunches and other things that do not show stress at all (and we are talking about the middle of the offices area). That coexistance of stress and relaxation can only be seen there. And Montevideo is pretty similar. I am telling you all this because there was a time I had Buenos Aires real estate located in Microcentro. So I know how the everyday life is there!