for ever.

I don't have any tattoos. It's really an issue with commitment. Don't get me wrong, some tattoos I like on some people. But I just don't know if I could ever commit to getting something inked on my body. For Ever.

I get that people look at their tattoos and think back to who they were at that pivotal time. Why they chose that thing or word or symbol or whatever they chose. But I look back at pictures of myself from 15 years ago and think what was I thinking about my outfits and my hair. Thankfully outfit choices from the late 90's don't last forever and hair grows out.

That's why I like Tattly tattoos: coolio designs (by awesome designers like Julia Rothman, James Victore, Chris Glass, and Jessi Arrington) and they don't last FOR EVER.

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Chelsea said...

I totally agree! I feel like I changed SO much in my twenties, so what might have seemed like a meaningful tattoo at 21 would now be something I'd have to dress strategically to cover up.

I know a couple of people who kind of cringe when asked if they have tattoos because they no longer like what they've got but don't want to go through the time, expense and PAIN to have them removed.

Plus I figure so many young (and youngish) people have them now, it's more unique to be 'uninked'!