lady of the canyon

I'm "home" for a few days, at my parents' home, in the canyon where I grew up. Being home always brings back memories...coming home from school on the bus to the smell of cookies and my mom sitting at her big wooden writing desk, the long drive out of the winding canyon, the sound of frogs in the creek behind the house, my dad with a big long beard, the smell of trees and earth, the night noises. I can't listen to Jackson Browne or The Eagles or Joni Mitchell or Joan Baez without thinking of this canyon and of growing up. In that spirit, here's Joni Mitchell's Ladies of the Canyon.


Celia said...

you came home to the smell of cookies? i was so deprived.

shayna said...

i'm not even kidding, i just pulled out my joni mitchell albums yesterday. i woke up with "big yellow taxi" running through my head and realized that it was high time E meet Joni.

and i agree with celia...we came home to slices of red bell pepper. blech.

Hannah said...

Okay, the cookies are a stand-out memory. Most of the time I came home to apple slices with cheese or digestive biscuits. :)

And yay for the Joni Mitchell connection!