uruguay + argentina

Happy New Year!

It feels like forever ago since we got on the plane to go on vacation. I was worried about the long plane rides down and back with a one-year-old, but Stella was a dream. The flights were easier than we anticipated. She's getting to be quite a little traveler.

We packed so much into those two weeks: a beautiful wedding on an Estancia outside Montevideo (Stella partied until 2 am), lounging with friends at La Pedrera beach where Stella took her first steps, a lamb roast, fireworks at midnight on Christmas Eve, a jeep ride over sand dunes to secluded Cabo Polonia, meeting up with my parents for the last week of our trip, lazy walks around Colonia del Sacramento, a ferry ride from Uruguay to Buenos Aires, a visit to Recoleta Cemetery, catching up with an old co-worker/friend in San Telmo, people watching at Bar Dorrego, lunch at Bar 6, shopping in Palermo SoHo, a trip to Carlos Gardel's house, late night games of Bananagrams and glasses of wine with my parents, sushi at Ceviche, amazing osso bucco and wine at Gran Bar Danzon, the awe-inspiring views at Iguazu Falls, watching Stella take more steps around the apartment we rented for a week in Recoleta, perusing the shelves at El Ateneo (one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, but a horrible selection of books in English), many stops at Freddo for chocolate maroc and banana ice cream...and so much more. What a trip. I've only managed to post a few photos from our trip so far, but I will post more soon. Enjoy!

Bar 6, Buenos Aires Colonia, Uruguay Oh my goodness! Shoe shot, Colonia, Uruguay La Pedrera, Uruguay The Family Pants, Buenos Aires Beach bug, La Pedrera, Uruguay Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires Shoe shot, Recoleta Cemetery El Ateneo bookstore, Buenos Aires Carlos Gardel's house Austin + Carolina, Uruguay Mr. T, Colonia, Uruguay Buenos Aires Iguazu, Argentina Iguazu


Melissa said...

Love all of those pictures! And what a great first steps story for Stella to tell!

Hannah said...

Seriously. You'll get to see those steps in person in a few months!! Triple yay!

Ana de Kreutz said...

Great pics Hannah! And OMG, the bookshop. That bookshop!!!

Carla said...

I loved Argentina when I was there. Did you visit the Colon Theatre?
The majestic building opened in 1908 and combines a variety of European styles, from the Ionic and Corinthian capitals and stained-glass pieces in the main entrance to the Italian-marble staircase and French furniture, chandeliers, and vases in the Golden Hall. In the main theater, which seats 3,000 in orchestra seats, stalls, boxes, and four rises, an enormous chandelier hangs from the domed ceiling painted by Raúl Soldi in 1966 during a previous renovation.
I had an apartment for rent in buenos aires near it, and I saw people going in and out from it every single day!