vintage czech

Back in January I blogged about the vintage Russian posters that are available over on Posteritati. If you're looking for interesting wall art, Posteritati is the place to go. Seriously. The old movie posters are amazing.

I was clicking through this morning, and it looks like an influx of new (old) Czech posters came in recently. Most are graphic-heavy, paste-up, collagey numbers.

Alibi on the Lake

Way to the Conjugal Bed

Valley of the Kings

Most na tu stranu

Jester's Tale

How to Steal a Million

Conjugal Bed

Alfredo, Alfredo

Bear Circus; wouldn't this be perfect in a kiddles' room?


Andie East said...

I love the bear poster! It reminds me of John Irving. Too expensive though... :(

Hannah said...

I know, they're all a little expensive...but awesome!