I love this peacock bedding from Dwell Studio: Peacock Citrine. It looks like Dwell's new collection will be available in April. And, have you seen the Dwell Studio line at Target? I am most tempted by the Mococcan patterned Suzanni bedding.

More things peacock:

This Ferm feather in blue wallpaper that I expressed love for already here.

Happy Birthday peacock notecards, $13

Liberty peacock feathers clutch, $85

Debussy feather headband, $20


Aralena said...

And don't forget Marisa!

This post made me cry for Target.

L to the anker

Hannah said...

Lank! I don't love all of the Target Dwell bedding, but that Suzanni is purty! Doesn't Target ship to France? Well they should!

Prêt à Voyager said...

how appropriately themed! i'm heading to Peacock Pavilions today :)


p.s. now i really want that clutch!

Anonymous said...

A kindly-meant editing suggestion: Suzanis are Central Asian, not Moroccan. Love your blog!