forever 21 finds

I have a knack for finding treasures at Forever 21. By treasures I mean items that when paired with nicer (read: quality) clothes actually work. I get compliments on Forever 21 finds daily. And the compliment givers are always surprised.

Here are some cute items I've got my eye on:

Fab floppy sun hat

Bobbinet lace trim top

Silk tie top

Metallic links necklace




Shayna said...

um, hat in 2 colors on it's way to me. my most favorite straw hat EVER is from f21 and it just died last summer.

Hannah said...

Love it! What colors?! I'm tempted by all of them...

Andie East said...

wait! Those are my fake elvis sunglasses!

I have a not so attractive sun hat. I'll think about a buy up!

And yes! You are the fab Forever 21 finder.


meighan said...


Thanks so much for coming by...I love that you have a blog! I didn't know...so excited. I am BUYING that white tank from F21! <3 huggles ;)