weekend pics

Unstoppable at Boot and Shoe
"Unstoppable" at Boot and Shoe Service on Saturday night.
My parents took Stella for a ride on the carousel at Tilden Park. I love her smile in this picture. Half excited, half terrified.
Morning cup in marimekko
A morning cup of Ritual coffee in one of my favorite Marimekko mugs.
Rustic apple galette
I made a delicious country apple galette with apples from my mom's tree.
I'm sewing Stella a pillow case and duvet cover. This is the pillow case. Who wouldn't want to rest her head on kitties and dew-drop trees and rainbows?
I embarked on a new sewing project: a pillow case and duvet cover for Stella's new toddler bed. Here's the adorable fabric I'm using for the pillow case. Sweet, right?

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