felt flag garlands

My friend Devon (a super talented illustrator) totally inspired me this weekend with all of her crafty talk. She's in the process of making her son Ari a teepee for his room. And she's making him a wolf costume for Halloween (Stella is going to be Little Red Riding Hood). I was bemoaning the lack of make in my life of late. At the end of the day I'm so exhausted from running after/entertaining/talking to Stella that I rarely want to make anything except something to eat before falling into bed.

Since I'm hosting a beer party/baby shower for my friend Andie in a few weeks I decided it was high time I make something. 

I've wanted to make felt garlands for Stella's room since before she was born, so I figured why not make festive flags for the party and then hang them in Stella's room after...

Getting crafty :: felt flag garlands

So there. I made something.

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A3 said...

You made something adorable. I'm so excited about the pregger!

Except I'm so hot right now.