sea ranch

We spent a relaxing weekend with our friends Devon and Simon and their son Ari up the coast of California at Sea Ranch. We cooked some great meals, read lots of stories, took walks down to the beach and to the tide pools, feasted on homemade apple galette and pumpkin pie, explored a driftwood beach fort, watched the Giants take the World Series, played Bananagrams, went to the pool, took the babes for rides in the wagon, and had way too much fun together. 
Sea Ranch weekend
Beach fort
Fort plaque
Devon + Ari
Baby toss


Anonymous said...

Looks like a gorgeous weekend. Also, hi to Devon. I feel like she's my friend too even though we've never met. But I wish we had because she's a cool lady.

Hannah said...

I'll have to introduce you two cool ladies the next time you're in town!