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Central Park
Central Park, NYC

Time flies.

The week before last we flew down to Southern California at the last minute to support my Mom and visit my Dad in the hospital and where he was undergoing test after test for issues with his heart. The worst part was the not knowing, not knowing what the problem was and not knowing if it was treatable. Luckily and thankfully he is on the mend with a cocktail of meds to keep his heart beating at a regular pace and keep everything else in check. Phew.

And then last Sunday we flew to New York for the week. While Jordan worked I visited with my sister and various friends, explored Carroll Gardens (hello beautiful brownstones), took Stella to the park and Central Park Zoo, and took lots of walks. Some highlights: the current Blue Bottle fruit buckle (carrot and coconut) and the saffron snickerdoodle (always a favorite), lunch with my sister at Prime Meats, a trip to the Central Park Zoo with friend Caroline and her daughter Thea, Rouge Tomate food cart burgers with my sister in the park, delicious dinner with my sweets at Frankie's Spuntino 547, Jack Tilton gallery show opening with friends Anna and Kambui followed by an evening stroll through Central Park and dinner at Kefi, amazing challah french toast at Watty & Meg, browsing through the lovely clothes et al at Bird, catching up with friends Sam and Andrea over brunch at Clover Club, and discovering Bengali Tiger (Sixpoint Beer).

Now we're home. This morning I'm looking forward to a well-crafted coffee from Subrosa, enjoying the warm 80 degree weather, and making some yummy food for Stells who came home from New York with a runny nose. 

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