i heart you, oakland

I heart Oakland

Oh my god, Oakland. You are killing me with this amazingly beautiful weather. Seriously. I might never leave you again (until actual summer hits and the weather goes all mopey again). 

Walking up and down the stairs and carrying around a 21-pound Stella is the extent of my exercise routine. But this week my girls Shayna, Celia, and Joey convinced me to walk the 3 miles around Lake Merritt (2 days in a row!), which was totally awesome and fun. Except on the second day when Stella started crying half way around the lake and I had to carry her the rest of the way. But whatever. It was great to be out with the ladies getting some exercise and enjoying the sun. It reminded me how much I love Oakland. 

Really. Oakland, I heart you.

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shayna said...

Wholeheartedly agree! It was so nice and time flew by!