sarah's affogato

I can't wait to try my sister's affogato, mentioned here in the Wall Street Journal (!), when we visit New York this summer.

I acquired such a sweet tooth post pregnancy. My internal dialogue goes something like this: Vegan banana chocolate cherry walnut scone at my coffee shop? Well, don't mind if I do. A little chocolate ice cream for dessert? Yes, please. Extra plop of jam on my morning toast? Couldn't hurt...

It's a good thing breastfeeding and carrying around a 16 lb baby everywhere keeps me trim.

Espresso + Gelato? Certo!
If you love a milkshake, and the prospect of iced coffee is enough to turn a dour day upbeat, it's time to embrace the affogato—the Italian version of a grownup soda-fountain drink. The caffeinated wonder combines hot espresso with cold gelato to create a melty, spoonable (or gulpable) treat. A newfangled rendition has turned up at Blue Bottle Coffee in Brooklyn, N.Y., where pastry chef Sarah Cox pours a single pulled shot over a half-cup of homemade double chocolate stout and milk chocolate ice cream. You can try it at home with whatever scoop you prefer—keep in mind, if it's a richer flavor, follow Ms. Cox's modest measurement; if a milder choice, make it three quarters of a cup of ice cream.

Mmm, mmm...sounds tasty, right?


Christina said...

Yum. Want one now!

SHAYNA said...

oh, i have the biggest post-pregnancy sweet tooth, too! i was so ambivalent about sweets while i was pregnant but now i can't stop with the ice cream (or chocolate, or pb chips, or....). this looks so yummy!