maui wowie

Taking a dip, Maui
Jordan and Stella taking a dip in the amazingly clear, electric blue Maui water
We're home from Maui! We had a lovely trip. Lots of sun. Lots of sand. Lots of fish. Lots of good times with my parents. Lots of gazing out at the ocean. Lots of whale sightings. And a few mai tais.

Jordan joined us a few days late and then we stayed on a few days after my parents left. Stella isn't so sure about being in the water (pool + ocean) which makes me inclined to sign her up for swim classes this summer. I got a hot stone massage, really the best kind of massage if you ask me. I gave snorkeling another chance (after vowing to never do it again after hyperventilating in my snorkel tube the last time I was in Hawaii) and actually liked it (thanks to my Dad). We went on a date (thanks to my parents, especially my Mom who can always manage to get Stella back to sleep). And we took Stella to her first Luau. I know, kind of cheesy. But she LOVED it: loved the music, loved the hula, loved the kalua pig. More pictures to come!


Andie East said...

yay! I'm so excited you are back and can't wait to talk!


Suellen Cox said...

It was wonderful making memories!

Celia said...

from the pictures, i'm pretty sure we stayed in the same condo resort, and attended the same luau. ;)

i'm signing cheech up for summer swim classes at an indoor pool in alameda. it's $70 for four classes, but for an extra $10, you get a month of family swim on sunday afternoons.