happy weekend


It has been a long, hot day, complete with homemade blueberry pancakes, a delicious iced coffee from Boot & Shoe (where Stella ran the length of the cafe greeting everyone and moving the bar stools to and fro), a trip to Fairyland, a successful lunch of leftover spinach and mushroom lasagna (Stella now "feeds herself" with miniature spoon and fork), a meager 45 minute nap, some backyard water-play (Stells) and weeding and watering (me), lots of stories and stickers and dancing and block building (and tearing down) and marching around the dining room table playing the harmonica, and an hour-long goodnight (I seriously have a new appreciation for this book). 

As I write this I'm savoring a Lagunitas Little Sumpin' and hoping Jordan makes his plane home from Seattle...

Happy weekend!


Melissa A said...

Kids feeding themselves = awesome. Love those little moments of new independence. I remember when Arch dressed himself for the first time. It was a miracle!

Love that Stella smile!

Mary said...

i love this whole post...and you! xo.

Aralena said...

THAT is a fun-filled day! And Stella's smile is luminous. Miss you both big time.