stormy weather

It's a cloudy day in Oakland after a few days of beautiful sunshine, and rain is in the forecast for this weekend. It's the perfect weather for these stormy note cards from Letterpress Delicacies.

Bolts & clouds

Red Umbrella


happy birthday akhmatova

On this day in 2010 I posted my first entry to this blog. I started Akhmatova on a whim. I wanted a space to post all the things I covet, like, love, find funny, read, and watch. I didn't know if I could populate a blog regularly. But, surprise! Here we are a year later and I can't imagine stopping.

Much has happened in the past year. Jordan and I traveled to Mexico City, and Spain, and Vancouver.

My sister moved from San Francisco to Brooklyn to work for Blue Bottle.

We celebrated a year of being happily married.

We bought a house.

We found out that we were pregnant.

...And we became parents when sweet Stella entered our lives.

I'm so excited to see what 2011 brings.


book branch

This book branch by Paris-based Olivier Dollé is pretty darned cool.

Found over at the LivingEtc blog.

winter colours week

It's Winter Colours Week over at Poppytalk. Yesterday the featured color was blue and this photo I took while on honeymoon in France was picked to be included in the blue day round-up.

France: 11

Today is Green. Go submit your photos!

landscapes of calm emptiness

I'm enamored with these serene landscapes by SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) student Dan VanLandingham. They evoke such calm emptiness.

Some of his works are for sale in the SCAD online store.


new hats

After admiring the Bella hat online we decided to head to our local Goorin Brothers shoppe and try on hats over the weekend.

New hat
Jordan found two cute hats. Here he is wearing one of them and Stella.

New hat
I decided to go with the Bella in gray.


mash-up movie posters

Also featured on Flavorwire, these brilliant mash-up movie posters by Sean Hartter.

5 fonts we never want to read again

One of the fonts in Flavorwire's 5 Fonts We Never Want to Read Again is the hideous, not funny or cute or interesting, Comic Sans.

The image (below) accompanying the explanation about why Comic Sans should never be used has had me chuckling for 2 days.


the dream is alive in portland



the bella hat

Goorin Brothers "Bella"

atlas of remote islands

Atlas of Remote Islands
There are still places on earth that are unknown. Visually stunning and uniquely designed, this wondrous book captures fifty islands that are far away in every sense-from the mainland, from people, from airports, and from holiday brochures. Author Judith Schalansky used historic events and scientific reports as a springboard for each island, providing information on its distance from the mainland, whether its inhabited, its features, and the stories that have shaped its lore. With stunning full-color maps and an air of mysterious adventure, Atlas of Remote Island is perfect for the traveler or romantic in all of us.


thank you

In between feeding Stella, feeding myself, and running errands, I've carved out a few minutes to write some thank you cards to folks. My favorite thank you cards this year are from Rifle Paper Co. They're stylish and classy, and perfect for saying thanks.



Sweet boots...

stella, 1 month old

At one month old, Stella loves:
  • Riding in the car (unless she's hungry, then she hates riding in the car)
  • Classical music, She + Him, Arcade Fire, Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Peeing on her dad
  • Boobies
  • Bath time
  • Going for walks
  • Parties
  • Getting patted and rocked and sung to
  • Meeting new people
  • Her favorite card
  • Sunbeams


one line a day

Happy New Year!

One of my resolutions for 2011, among a few (including starting a vegetable garden and reading more, oh yes, and sleeping more), is to record this first year of Stella's life so that some day she can look back and read about what we did, where we went, and who we saw. One of the gifts we received at Stella's birth was the One Line A Day journal, published by Chronicle Books where I worked up until this past November.

I've never been one to keep a journal, so this is my kind of memory book. You write one line a day, and if possible keep writing one line a day for five years. At the end of five years, you have a book of life's snippets and can look back on all your mundane and extraordinary days.

I'm only 3 days in, but so far so good!

What are some of your 2011 resolutions?