we've moved!

Here we are in front of our house, on our porch (where I plan to spend many an afternoon).

I've never lived in a two-story house. This morning as I was eating breakfast downstairs, Jordan came down and told me that I felt so far away when he was getting ready for work upstairs. I told him that maybe we should get an intercom system.

We're going to be spending the next few weeks unpacking and settling in. Until we get wireless in our house, blog posts will be somewhat sporadic.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

(thanks to Bree and Daniel et al for the photo, and for the tamales and treats yesterday!)


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! A porch! That alone...

Have fun settling in--from what I can see, you have a beautiful new home. Congrats!

Toastncandy said...

It's beautiful - congrats!

Hannah said...

I know! The porch is one of my (many) favorite parts of the house.

Thanks, ladies!