camper crush

I've been living with 5 pairs of shoes for the past two weeks as the rest of my shoes are packed away in boxes to be moved to our new house. It hasn't been too hard getting by with so few choices, considering that I'm essentially wearing versions of the same outfit everyday because most of my clothes aren't fitting the way they used to with my belly getting bigger.

I made the mistake of packing away all of my sandals (it was raining when we boxed up our bedroom), so when I saw these tan Camper sandals (you might not be able to access that link depending on what country you're visiting from; to make it easy, they're Petra
Model: 21234-003) I instantly started crushing. They remind me of the brown leather sandals I got in Greece as a kid. Simple, yet fashionable.


Aralena said...

yes, totally the Greek sandals you can buy there for nearly nothing. I LOVE these. they look super comfy, too. good for expanding soles, too!

Hannah said...

I'm glad you agree, Lank! They just might have to be my next shoe purchase... xoxo