mexico and new york and home again

We're back!

We spent a few relaxing days in San
José del Cabo. I'd never been to Cabo before, and have always thought of it as a beach town extension of Orange County, i.e. lots of fake tans and fake boobs, lots of bros, lots of "what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo." And while that might be the case in Cabo San Lucas (we didn't actually venture to that Cabo), San José del Cabo was lovely.

We stayed at the Cabo Azul, a beautiful hotel on the beach (sadly not swimmable due to the intense current). We spent every day at the pool, lounging, and reading, taking Stella in the water, and eating delicious tacos.

My parents joined us in Baja, which was such a treat. They helped with Stella, and were able to give us a break from around-the-clock parenting.

In the 5 days we were there, I was actually able to read 2.5 books. What a luxury! I've always been an avid reader, clocking in 2-3 books a week. Since Stella was born, I haven't had the time or the attention to focus on reading. It makes me a little sad from time to time that I'm not able to read as much as I used to or would like, but I know this isn't how it will be forever. We still buy books every week, so when my focus and ability to sit down with a good book returns, I will have stacks to pick from.

From Mexico we flew to New York. We stayed in Dumbo, in a nice loft we found on Airbnb. The apartment, complete with a roof terrace and views of the Manhattan Bridge, was right upstairs from Almondine Bakery. My sweet tooth was quelled every morning with a buttery, incredibly flaky almond croissant. My god those croissants are good. I'm glad Almondine is all the way in Brooklyn, and not right outside my door here in Oakland. The temptation would be too much.

I love New York in the early summer when it's not too hot yet but the evenings are warm and people spill out onto the sidewalks.

Some highlights: browsing in Powerhouse Arena, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (my first time) with my dear friend Anna, bumping into friends Sam and Andrea at the fantastic Cooper Hewitt Sonia Delaunay show, picnicing with friend Caroline and her baby Thea in Central Park, finding the perfect red and white striped espadrilles in Nos, strolling Stella along the waterfront in Dumbo, sampling the yummy fries and souvlaki at Souvlaki GR, sitting on the roof terrace with my sister eating cheese and crackers with a chilled glass of rosé, oh the list goes on...

Stella showing her auntie Sarah her new favorite bottom lip trick at The Standard.

Stella getting some cuddles from her auntie Anna at Dessert Truck Works.

This photo should be called "giant baby takes New York." Seriously, Stells looks ginormous.

Found words on Berry St. in Williamsburg, right around the corner from Blue Bottle. Sadly, I didn't get to try Sarah's affogato. The ice cream maker was broken. I did, however, eat many saffron snickerdoodles, graham crackers with chocolate ganache, coffee cakes, fruit buckles, and rosemary shortbreads.

We had a great trip, and now it is so good to be home.


Toast n' Candy said...

What a lovely adventure. Welcome home!

Aralena said...

sounds like a wonderful get-away... and isn't it always nice to come home sweet home? Stella's expressions are so delightful!

Johanna said...

That shot of you and Littlemisspants poolside may be my favorite of all time!

Hannah said...

Thanks all!