north carolina

J's friends Pam and Will got hitched in Hot Springs, North Carolina last weekend.

We celebrated with a few folks that J went to college with.

Here's Stella with her friend Elsa. As you can see, Elsa isn't so sure about Stella.

Stella + Elsa

We spent a short period of time at a swimming hole before a thunderous storm sent us on our way.

After the wedding festivities we spent 24 hours in Asheville.

I loved these "Love Asheville" signs that were in all the Asheville storefronts:
"Local is the new black"

This one was posted in the window of Malaprops, the fantastic indie bookstore in Asheville. We do our best to support independent bookstores wherever we go, so at Malaprops we bought:

More photos here.

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