conquering pie

My second pie attempt, Strawberry Balsamic
It's official. 2014 is the year I conquer pie.

Making pie has always daunted me. There are so many steps! The chilling and the rolling and the pre-baking and the resting... So when I got the Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book from my sister for Christmas I decided it was time to overcome my fear of baking pie. 

The first pie I attempted, the Black Bottom Lemon Pie, was not a success. I was too eager and rushed through many of the steps. I learned that rushing does not work when making pie. The custard didn't set properly and it was a mess.

On Friday I decided to try again, this time with a fruit filling and a lattice top (!). I opted for the seasonal Strawberry Balsamic Pie and left plenty of time for each step. I made the dough on Friday and let it mellow overnight in the fridge. On Saturday I assembled and baked the pie. On Sunday we took it to a bbq. 

It was delicious.

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