a few weekend links

I turn 35 in November. Gah! I think I'm going to make this ice cream cake to celebrate. Nothing says happy birthday like an ice cream cake, right?!

I'm seriously crushing on these Ali Golden bags. My friend Melissa has one and every time I see her I covet it...

Saying goodbye at preschool has been a challenge. I appreciated this Motherlode post on easing the transition and separation anxiety.

This adorable book is one of our favorites at the moment.

Can't wait to go to this new Oakland beer hall.

Fall is in the air. The dusklight sweater.

[photograph credit: ashley of not without salt]


Aralena said...

This felt like an autumnal post. Sweater season - my favorite. That Madewell pullover is very cute.

Ana de Kreutz said...

Ha! Chris just got the exact same sandals for himself in Spain. Every other man is wearing there!