a few friday links

Beatrice Valenzuela, maker of lovely handmade moccasins and sandals, is just too cool. I enjoyed this interview and slideshow.

I brought up this important post in conversation with my friend Shayna today. The idea (a common one, I believe) that it's a woman's salary (in heterosexual parental situations) that pays for childcare is a troubling one on so many levels. I've been thinking about the post for a few months without realizing it until bringing it up today. Shayna and I have had so many YES! moments recently in talks about parenting and books and life and Anne of Green Gables. I am thankful for her.

These summer sandals have been calling my name for awhile and Ashley's post back in April back reminded me about them. I'm still on the fence as I have too many sandals already. BUT these can go in the water! And they're so cute.

Brined pork chops with grilled stone fruit is on the menu for Father's Day on Sunday.

As someone who has issues with people who are so attached to their electronic devices that one-on-one interactions suffer, I liked Mary's post about being mindful of cell phones at the dinner table (a serious pet peeve).

Joanna Goddard posted about this movie today and it piqued my interest. There's something about Case Affleck in that movie still that reminds me of Jordan. Also, I can't tell if this movie is going to be fun or horrible because, you know, *magic.*

I'm still loving chambray.

(photograph by Nicole Franzen)

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Aralena said...

That Beatrice spot on Refinery 29 made me fall in love with her whole scene, which then led me to her friend's blog, LA in Bloom, by the textile artist Heather Taylor. The colors, the textures!