a "crayon" is not a "crown" (in my book)

Pronunciation and dialect are fascinating don't you think? I've told Jordan a few times that if he calls a "crayon" a "crown," Stella is bound to be confused. Turns out he's not alone in thinking it's pronounced "crown." Fascinating stuff... click through to The Atlantic to see more and larger versions of the maps.

From The Atlantic: "Bert Vaux and Marius L. Jøhndal at the University of Cambridge surveyed around 11,500 people to study the ways we in the colonies have grown to speak. Joshua Katz, a doctoral student in linguistics at N.C. State, made these excellent maps of the results."

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Aralena said...

Super interesting! I'm so intrigued as to how crayon became crown.

When we moved to WA state from CA, friends got a kick out of me calling soda "soda," instead of "pop."