I love to travel but will admit that it is getting harder and harder with Stells. I used to actually look forward to long plane rides (movies! magazines! reading time!) but now they seem like a particular kind of cramped torture. Which means that reading about distant locales and looking at pictures of far off cities takes on a new kind of appeal. Wayfare, the newly-launched digital magazine "celebrating the art of the journey," is just the thing to transport me with its gorgeous images and focus on design.

Wayfare design director and editor, Anne of Prêt à Voyager, recently wrote about how the magazine came into being. Read about it and take a look inside...

For the moment, today, I am happy to sit in my sun-filled living room grazing through the Sunday New York Times and scrolling through the Wayfare blog with a cup of tea while Stella naps, soundly and completely spread out, upstairs.

[cover image by Peggy Wong]

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Aralena said...

What a cool project! Serious vicarious adventures to be had within. As we are still recovering from our own voyage, I agree that this might be the best way to see the world -- for now!