the patterns! the colors!

We've been searching for a few throw pillows for our couch for awhile now. I discovered these gorgeous Leah Duncan pillows yesterday and we both ooohhhed and aaahhhed over them. The patterns! The colors! We're in love!

I'm also coveting these Leah Duncan beauties:

seasons print set
set of 3 dishtowels
pajaro alto print


Celia said...

wait. did i give that pajaro alto card to e or to stella? i could have sworn it was stells, but maybe i'm not remembering correctly. anyway, leah duncan is awesome. i bought a couple of her tea towels for a friend's birthday and i kind of wish i would have kept them for myself.

hannah said...

Yes, I love that pajaro alto card you gave Stells... I didn't know she made pillows!!