montana and michigan and home again

Montana teepee
We're back! We spent last weekend in Bozeman, Montana for a wedding. Montana is gorgeous. We loved it. The wedding was out on this ranch with hay bales and rolling hills, and a big, open sky, and two teepees.

We discovered a favorite breakfast spot in Bozeman called the Stockyard Cafe. If you're ever in Bozeman go there. And get the banana bread french toast. It is to die for.

Stockyard Cafe, Montana

Stockyard Cafe, Montana

After Montana we flew to Michigan for a little vacation at Walloon Lake. It's easy to just sit out on the dock and gaze at the water and the amazing beauty of it all so we did a lot of that. We enjoyed visiting with J's mom and sister, and taking turns dancing Stella around the living room to J's mom's old records. We also ate a LOT of pie (cherry pie, peach pie, peach + blueberry + cherry pie, strawberry + rhubarb pie...you get the picture). It was pretty fantastic.


Walloon at sunset


Toast n' Candy said...

It looks like you had an amazing time! Welcome home.

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that last picture.... so jealous