just us two

Rememberance of Things Past
(just us two, when we were young)

My due date has come and gone without any sign of Stella making a move to enter the world. I don't blame her. It's cozy and warm in there, and comfortably cramped.

While I cannot wait for the labor to be over and to hold her in my arms, I am selfishly enjoying the time to myself and the last few days of being a twosome with Jordan. My days are quiet and relaxing. I'm doing my best to store up my energy and get enough rest.
With our kitchen now done and no work to attend to, I get to leisurely made us breakfast every day. And then we sit down, and eat it together at our new dining room table. And we talk about what our days hold. I pack Jordan's lunch, and send him off to work with kisses. Then I head out to run pre-baby, last minute errands. I take walks. Write notes and cards. Go to yoga. Visit with friends. I watch BBC miniseries. I rest. At some point in the afternoon, I return to our kitchen, turn on some music, and start preparing dinner. I'm relishing the process: deciding what to make, chopping, stirring, baking... Then Jordan comes home, and we sit down at our table and eat the food I've lovingly prepared. We talk about our days. We talk about Stella and about how everything is about the change. We savor
every word and every bite together, because there's the possibility it will be the last meal in our world of just us two.


Christina said...

oh i love this. and i love picturing you so relaxed and happy.

Aralena said...

What a wonderful way to prepare yourselves for a new life.