poketo for target

Remember the retro cute Orla Kiely housewares for Target? Well, the good folks at Poketo (yep, love them) told me that they're the next limited edition design line at Target. Yippee!
From Poketo's blog:
Beginning August 10th 2010, we’ll showcase the complete collection and lookbook on poketo.com. That same day, the Poketo for Target collection will be available at all Target stores across the country. We’ll be posting more about this collaboration with Target and more sneak peeks before the August 10th launch. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest. Stay tuned!

I think I might need that tote...

Check out the awesome roster of (a few of the) designers Poketo is working with on this line:
Kate Bingaman Burt
Lisa Congdon
Mike Perry
Camilla Engman
Cole Gerst
Leif Parsons

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