We're back!

This photo was taken at 7:30am at the park yesterday. The girls woke us up at 3am and refused to go back to sleep, despite our many attempts. By the time we got to the park we'd already eaten breakfast, stopped for coffee and croissants (Stella must be going through another growth spurt because she is eating every 30 minutes) in the city, and dropped Jordan off at work.

This morning they woke up at 3:40am. I managed to get Djuna back to sleep, but Stella and I were up eating breakfast again at 4:30am.

Jet lag is no joke. It is going to be another LONG day.

Have a lovely weekend!


Mary said...

welcome home! I miss you all! This picture just made me smile...hope this means they crash at 4 and you get a quiet night!

Aralena said...

Oh, boy! What a great photo, though. Can't wait to see you and hear about the trip.

irum khan said...
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