stella at 3

Happy birthday to our Stella who turned three on Friday.

This kid is all emotion. One minute she's laughing and the next she's crying ("I want water in my PINK cup not my GREEN!" sob, sob, sob). Stella's emotions rule her world.

She loves baby Djuna, whom she calls "Pooms" and "Little Kicky." Loves her so much she sometimes just wants to smother her... with hugs and kisses, of course. She often hears us say "give Djuna some space," and sometimes she listens and complies and sometimes she just listens and acts like she can't hear us.

She eats slow. Talks non-stop. Asks question after question, sometimes the same question ad nauseam. Loves to draw. Is a pain to get into the bath and a pain to get out once she's in. Loves to sing and make up songs. Is a sweet little snuggler. Wants to wear dresses everyday. Learns new big words daily (last week her favorite word was monumental). Loves looking at and reading books. Stands on the back of our couch and watches everyone leave our house and waves goodbye. Obsessively has to sit on our stoop before we open the front door (every. single. time). Starts talking as soon as her eyes open in the morning. Loves spending the night at her Grammy and Pappap's house. Loves park dates with her Aunt Livvie and Skype dates with family far away. Takes pride in walking her own dishes to the sink after meals. Likes helping in the kitchen and making muffins and cookies. Asks me to sing Summertime and stroke her hair at bedtime. No longer naps at home. Has a hard time saying Ls, so Stella sounds like Stewwa. Adores playing hide and seek and usually picks the same place to hide again and again. Dislikes visits to her wonderful doctor, but talks about ailments and sickness nonstop. Is watchful and wary in new situations. Has a long memory, boundless energy, and a monumental heart.

Stella at 2.5.
Stella at 2.
Stella's Birth Story, 1 year later.


Mary said...

oh i just love love love this. love her. love that stella so damn much i could read this again and again it makes me smile so much!

Suellen Cox said...

Stewwa....the absolute light of my life, bringer of joy, tears and laughter; remembrance of childhoods past; and enchantment in all things.