how our garden grows

Growing peas
Kale and chard and basil. We eat something from our garden every day.
An abundance of lettuce = amazingly fresh salad every evening
Our vegetable garden is growing, growing, growing. This past weekend I added a few cucumber and zucchini plants to the plot. So far the kale, chard, lettuce, and herbs (basil, parsley, oregano, mint) have given us the most to work with. But heads of cauliflower are emerging amidst big green leaves, a few barely red strawberries are making an appearance, and our tomato plants are taller than Stella now and green little tomatoes can be found in the mass of leaves. Most afternoons we head outside and to water, harvest greens for salad and whatever else I'm making for dinner (and raw kale is a nice addition to our morning breakfast smoothies), and pick a few peas to munch on while enjoying the sunshine... 


A3 said...

Oh Man, everything we've planted is dying. I think I'm not watering enough. It's like the desert out there. I'm totally jealous of your greens factory.

hennypenny said...

Beautiful garden! This is my first year with a backyard garden (also in Oakland!), and it's been amazingly rewarding to see everything grow. A ton of fun, really.