the milk carton kids

I grew up playing cello and as a teenager I would often go stay with a family of cellists (the mother and her 3 sons all took lessons) in LA. The eldest son and I went to chamber music camp (nerdy, yes) together at Occidental one summer, and we would all play gigs (a party here, a wedding there) together from time to time. 
I remember the year the middle son, Ken, started playing the guitar. From the beginning, he was a natural. He now makes up half of the talented duo The Milk Carton Kids. Their new album The Ash & Clay was just released at the end of March. Here they are playing "Honey, Honey" on Conan (Ken is the one on the right):

[top photo of The Milk Carton Kids by the youngest brother: Brendan Pattengale]

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