wolf hall

I decided to delve into this 640-page behemoth because my friend Melissa (we were booksellers together so her opinion matters) spoke so highly of it. I'm 40 pages in. So far so good. Have you read it?
... as soon as I opened the book I was gripped. I read it almost non-stop. When I did have to put it down, I was full of regret the story was over, a regret I still feel. This is a wonderful and intelligently imagined retelling of a familiar tale from an unfamiliar angle — one that makes the drama unfolding nearly five centuries ago look new again, and shocking again, too. —Vanora Bennett in The Times


krista*marit said...

yes wolf hall is so engrossing! a friend is reading the next volume and says it's just as wonderful.

ps - i love posts about books,, i used to run a little bookstore once upon a time

Hannah said...

Good to hear! I'm liking it quite a bit. Thanks Krista.