winter-perfect mushroom lasagna

My friend Melissa posted a photo/link to this New York Times-featured mushroom lasagna recipe on Pinterest yesterday and I had to stop myself from drooling on the screen. I'm adding it to my list of perfect winter foods. Yum.


Celia said...

i make a kickass mushroom lasagna, if i do say so myself. but it has egg. :(

Melissa said...

It was excellent, but ugh...the measurements!! I know, I know, I keep mentioning it. But seriously, New York Times -- test the recipe! Use your best judgement on the ingredients. And I thought the herb oil added a good touch, though I would not use it for the bechemel next time. It heated up too quickly because of the addition of the oils and juice from the herbs.

In other news, I've spent far too much time editing this recipe in my head.

Hannah said...

Celia, I can't wait to try your mushroom lasagna. I bet it's de-lish.

Melissa, herb oil issue duly noted. You can be my recipe tester any time. Keep sending the recipes my way!