art murmur + flock home

On the first Friday of every month downtown Oakland is transformed. People fill the sidewalks, lines form in front of food trucks, and galleries open their doors for Art Murmur. Last night, as the warm day turned into a glowy evening we took Stella in the Ergo out into the 20s between Telegraph and Broadway. We listened to a bluegrass band called Old Jawbone, we ate lightly charred grilled corn from Ozumo and slices of pizza from Fist of Flour, and we wandered in and out of galleries looking at art and crafts.

My favorite find of the evening was Flock Home, a line of linens and other cute things by artist/designer Gina Pericini. Gina's pillows and napkins, table runners and baby onesies, quilts and pencil pouches are made with sustainable undyed linen, are hand-printed with non-toxic inks and are just lovely. Take a look:

And visit her Etsy store.


Christina said...

Sounds like a lovely night and makes me miss you! xo

Aralena said...

What a great time. I love the linens!

Hannah said...

I miss you both. Kisses.