happy anniversary to us, again

Tomorrow we celebrate our second anniversary.

Looking back at what I wrote on this day last year, so much has changed but so much is still the same. As I write this, the baby who was somersaulting in my belly last year is fast asleep upstairs. She sits up without falling over (most of the time) and she is close to crawling. She is a master at peekaboo and loves seeing and interacting with people.

We don't go out to eat as much as we did, and we don't go to the movies on a whim. But we travel. We eat good food. We see friends. We marvel at our girl. We are still so, so happy.

To mark the day, we put on our wedding attire and captured the moment:



We have a new tradition.


Johanna said...

You two are the most adorable kids in town and that little bundle of yours is tasty...especially those chunker thighs! Happy anniversary. I love all three of you.

Papi said...

Happy Happy!!!

Suellen Cox said...

what lovely thoughts Hannah....thanks for sharing....

Hannah said...

Thanks all! Kisses...