17 weeks

It's hard to believe that Stella Condesa is already 17 weeks old.

Every day is a new adventure and every day I love her more. And there's so much to love. Here are just few things I love about our little Bug:

-Her cheeks. They are big and round and absolutely kissable.
-Her tiny feet. The way they smell and the shape of her bitty toenails. They too are absolutely kissable.
-Her morning smiles. She's all sunshine first thing in the morning. I lounge in bed for at least 15 minutes every morning when she wakes up just so I can soak up her gummy grin.
-Her big blue eyes. They take everything in. And when she smiles, they smile too.
-Her chatter. She is "talking" up a storm.
-Her long sighs. Sometimes her sighs last for a minute. They're the cutest.
-Her favorite position for sleeping, with one hand touching me and the other hand touching her dad.
-Her sleeping scoots. Even if she starts out asleep in the middle of the bed, inevitable she ends up scooting herself over until she's practically on top of me and I'm nearly always halfway off the bed. I don't mind.
-Her throaty giggle. It's almost a full-fledged laugh. But not quite.
-Her chub. I love her meaty thighs, her jowls, her nonexistent wrists.
-Her easiness. She is content to go anywhere and meet anyone. She loves being outside.
-Her Friar Tuck hair-do. Bald on top and whispy longer hair in the back.

Sweet girl

Pouty face

Jordan + Stella reading

Little big cheeks

Laughing Buddha Baby


Andie East said...

All things true! She is adorable!

Christina said...

Oh my goodness Hannah, she is adorable.

Suellen Cox said...

yes, yes, yes.....did you ever in your wildest dreams even imagine....

Hannah said...

Yep, she's a cutie pie!